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Here at ARC Building & Roofing we provide a fresh approach to roofing and cladding design and delivery.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, so our services are tailored to suit individual customer needs, combining design, build and project management provided by a team of dedicated professionals. We offer a comprehensive estimating service, with design and detail handled in-house. Our workforce of directly employed, skilled roofing operatives means we can cater for all types and scale of projects – from term contracts to design and build. ARC Building & Roofing works with clients in a professional and flexible way. On the awarding of a project, we produce an in-depth project plan that details the key aspects including timescales for completion, costs defined within budget, minimising risks, avoidance of accidents and interaction and relationships with other construction activities or trades. These are monitored and updated during the course of the project to ensure delivery against our high standards. Find out more about our range of disciplines using the Navigation Bar Alternatively, Contact Us Here.

Flat Roofing

For over thirty years, ARC Building & Roofing has been recognised as one of the country’s leading flat roofing contractors. Our expertise covers every aspect of waterproofing from mastic asphalt, to high performance felt, to single ply.

• Mastic asphalt has long been a leading material in waterproofing protection for a wide range of construction applications. Offering total waterproofing for roofing and tanking, it also provides an ideal surface and damp-proof membrane for flooring and paving. It continues to be one of the most tried-and-tested yet flexible construction materials.

• Built-up felt offers a flexible solution for almost all forms of flat roofing. Consisting of two or more layers of roll roofing, the reliability of felt roofing continues to improve with the use of quality reinforcement bases from polyester or glass coated with bitumen.

• Single ply can offer both a flexible and effective roofing solution. Using high quality materials from a range of suppliers, the application of single ply can include overlaying of existing flat, pitched, metal or clad roofs. A variety of finishes can be achieved in terms of colours and look and feel.

• Liquid applied coatings offer an extremely flexible roofing solution and have been developed to address the increasing demands of today’s constructions. Combining high resistance to movement or fatigue, liquid applied coatings can be applied to most shapes and forms.

As you might expect, ARC Building & Roofing is a preferred contractor for most leading brands. Next time you want the best solution for a flat roofing problem, whether it is mastic asphalt, felt, single ply or liquid applied coatings, talk to ARC Building & Roofing

To find out more take a look at some of our client projects.

Pitched Roofing

Whether you’re after flat-to-pitched roof conversions or new build developments, there has been a growing demand for pitched roofing. Modern slate and tile gives long-term roof waterproofing and can provide a range of looks and finishes for all applications – from domestic housing through commercial to municipal construction.

Slate and tile and pitched roof conversions have become a major focus for many of our clients over recent years. They turn to ARC Building & Roofing to provide both the quality and look they are seeking, whether on new build, refurbishment, housing or commercial projects.

We provide an expert service to support all pitched roofing requirements. Often working to detailed specifications and challenging time scales, we use our in-house knowledge and quality materials from leading suppliers to overcome the most challenging of roofing requirements.

To find out more, take a look at some of our client projects in our portfolio.

General Building

From Garden Walls to Extension Projects to Conversion of Lofts ARC Building & Roofing Cover it all. with Extensive Experience and knowledge with project planning and building work we are 100% competent and confident. We can assist you from thought and planning all the way to cleaning up at the end. If you’re thinking about any building work or doing building work we can help where you need it with the same philosophy we carry out with everything we do!